The final third day of the 14th MINEX Russia Forum was held on 4 October in Moscow under the slogan of innovative excellence in mining and exploration.

The programme was focused on Junior Mining, New geophysical technologies in uranium and gold extraction, Innovations in mining transportation, ore processing, and environmental responsibility.

TheForum participants discussed the issues which are impeding geological exploration and fair competition in Russia. Active development of greenfield projects has been constrained by the mandatory requirement of holding open auctions for subsoil use and publishing the exploration data in the media. As exploration data is the key asset, these requirements expose exploration companies to raider attacks and loss of business.  Participants agree that Russia should follow the way of the leading mining jurisdictions such as Canada and Australia, where the exploration can be carried out on declarative terms, protecting intellectual rights and ensuring efficient subsoil use. The entrepreneurship has been significantly hashed by poor environmental legislation and control over mining and exploration, allowing for some biased competition on the market. MINEX Russia participants stated that the mining entrepreneurship and investment activity are impeded by “red tape” from Rosnedra and abundant licensing requirements against the common business sense.

To make mining more cost-effective, many mining companies are testing new methods and technologies. Uranium One,  Rosatom, CSA Global, Highand Gold, and other companies presented new ISL  technologies efficiently used in uranium and Gold mining. GeoProMining demonstrated interesting know-hows in geochemistry and SRK Consulting – in hydrogeology. Wardell Armstrong outlined a problem of handling cyanide and alternative thiosulfate and iodide in gold production and shared their experience in this area of HSE.

Alongside the Forum on 4 October MICROMINE held a full day user conference for more than a hundred companies. Polymetal, Alrosa, Epiroc, and others shared their experience of using MICROMINE software products.

The 14th MINEX Russia Forum concluded with the presentation of the winners of the Russian Mining Excellence Awards, MineVenture, MineTech, and Amature photo competition.

The Forum materials will be published on 1 November.

The 15th MINEX Russia Forum will take place in Moscow on 8-10 October 2019.


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