The 14th mining and exploration forum MINEX-Russia, one of the central events in Russia on mining, exploration and mineral processing, is held in Moscow on 2-4 October 2018.

MINEX-Russia 2018 has been sponsored by 24 leading mining companies and institutions from all over the world. These are independent mining and geological service companies -GeoSolutions (GS), OGK Group, ArtGeo, Orsu Metals Corporation, Blast Movement Technologies, Urantsvetmet, geological; mining, processing and environmental experts SRK Consulting, Wardell Armstrong, AMC Consultants, AAEngineering Group, DMT GmbH & Co. KG, IMC Montan, IBM, Seequent; Russian design and engineering companies Institute of TOMS, LLC EMS-mining, Irgiredmet; mining companies Polymetal, Highland Gold Mining, Kinross Gold, Pavlik Gold, Petropavlovsk; Continental Conveyor Belt Group, manufacturing conveyor belts; Dechert, a leading global law firm, and Skyeng, an online school of English.

MINEX Russia is grateful to the companies for the contribution they have provided to the initiatives and the projects performed by the Forum for the progress of mining technologies and economic prosperity in mining. MINEX Russia is keeping on adding value to the forum’s participants with expanding agenda and new opportunities for deeper mining sector analysis.


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